Acoustic Unicorn Series – Skimmer String


To use with the full Native Instruments Kontakt 5.4

You are free to use the instrument and its samples any way you like in any type of media.
But please do not redistribute or sell it without consulting me first.

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This is Skimmer String

The last uploaded but first created ”Skimmer” instrument is a Santoor or a hammered dulcimer.

Oddly enough bought from a nearby beauty saloon, don’t ask.

The articulation is tremolo and each note was recorded for roughly 1min 45 seconds.

If you play really short notes and up the release volume you’ll get at more of a classic dulcimer sound.

Recorded with a DPA4011 condenser and a Reslo Beeb ribbon mic.

The recorded range is shown in green,
Modwheel controls the overall volume.

Click the unicorn for a custom Convolution Reverb, great for those low volume tremolos.

Here’s a quick walkthrough/demo:

This virtual instrument was specifically made for the Swedish show “Festen”.

Have fun!

–>Download<–  Acoustic Unicorn Series – Skimmer Glass for the full version of Native instruments Kontakt 5.4 or above.