lo-fi Audio Trumpet


To use with the full Native Instruments Kontakt 5.4

You are free to use the instrument and its samples any way you like in any type of media.
But please do not redistribute or sell it without consulting me first.

I hang out at vi-control.net under the username “Anders Wall” please use the forums PM function if you need to contact me.
This instrument is free and offered “as is”

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-4x round robin. Two of them chromatically recorded, two from a Bb major scale starting on F.
-The last two tones, the B4 and C5, is pitched from Bb4 recordings.
-All unique samples.
-No sustains, more of staccato character.
-One dynamic layer, the modwheel controls “fake dynamics” adds “bite” and SIPS vibrato.
(vibrato is barely noticeable due to the samples being so short).

-The sustain pedal resets the round robin.
-There is a button on the GUI to bypass the convolution reverb.

Audio Demos:


Feel free to download the files, links below.
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Download Lo-fi Audio Trumpet for the full Native Instruments Kontakt 5.4 or above.