lofi Audio – C90-ir


To use with the full Native Instruments Kontakt 5.8

You are free to use the instrument and its samples any way you like in any type of media.
But please do not redistribute or sell it without consulting me first.

I’ve added a “name your price” function since this has been asked for. The instrument is still available for free, just change the €5 to 0 before clicking that “add to basket” button or use the link at the bottom of the page.



The studio I rent used to be a school.
It then became a metal workshop creating parts for the aviation industry.
In the late 90-ties parts of the workshop was re-worked into a recording studio, in the 00-ties the main area became a TV-studio and in 2019 part of the top floor is my studio.

The ”C90-ir”-instrument uses parts of the building’s past to breath new life into my recorded voice.
Oh yes, this is my voice transformed or should I say grittyfied, grainyfied and made metallic.

I recorded my voice onto an old cassette deck and sent those recordings to my phone. I then used a Vibe-Tribe speaker to vibrate those recordings on different objects.


A pair of Neumann KM84 was used to capture those vibrating moments.

There are four different singers or timbers to choose from:
Tape – the original tape recording with lots of reverb added.
Shelf – a large metal shelf with various objects and spiderweb.
Plate –  a nice sounding plate I found.
Drum – a vintage and somewhat destroyed bass drum.

Use the mixer to blend the voices to your liking.
The Tape icon acts like an octave button, deactivate for a smaller sound.
The Drum icon toggles a pre-fader send that let some dust come through even if the modulation wheel and the individual voices are all the way down.

Here’s a video that tries to capture the spirit of the recording session:

Here’s a quick walkthrough:

Happy composing!

-Anders Wall

–>Download<–  lofi Audio c-90ir for the full version of Native instruments Kontakt 5.8 or above.